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What is Coaching?

Coaching is a modern day approach to creating a path for success in your life. Whether you’ve tried to make changes and struggled to follow through, or are just getting started on your journey to better health & success, coaching can help you get there.

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Is Coaching Right for you?

Coaching is a collaborative approach to breaking through that overwhelming feeling of starting something new. Together, we can make a plan and achieve your goals.

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Hi, I'm Jen.

I’m a Mayo Clinic trained Wellness Coach, Certified Cycle Instructor (BeatBoss), and healthy lifestyle advocate living in Southwest Minneapolis, MN. I believe you shouldn’t have to suffer just so everyone else around you can thrive.

"Jen is a great listener, she hears your struggles and helps you gain clarity and forward motion. From the first second she's friendly, welcoming and makes you feel comfortable to share in order to grow. I fully recommend online sessions with Jen!"

- Allison D.

Benefits of Coaching

Get on a path to success

break through overwhelm

In our first session, we'll break through the overwhelming feeling of being stuck.

get clarity

We'll get crystal clear on your challenges and exactly what you want your future to look like.

evidence-based coaching

As a Mayo Clinic Trained Wellness Coach, I can help you reach your goals in a safe & effective way.

personalized approach

No two people are alike, so you're wellness goals shouldn't be either. Let's create a plan unique to you.


Stay on track in a judgement free environment. Get off track? No problem. We'll work through it together.

Create achievable goals

We'll work together to create small goals that add up to big results over time and a time frame that makes sense for you.

Gain Confidence

See how your strengths can be your advantage in achieving your goals.

ongoing support

Access to HIPPA compliant messaging in between sessions. So you get support when you need it most.

long-term results

Turn habits into a lasting lifestyle that feels as natural as brushing your teeth.

Latest Posts

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The Best Foods for an Energy Boost (Because sometimes sleep just isn’t an option)

Why didn’t someone tell me that when I had kids, I’d also be accepted straight into the “surviving on little sleep” club? It always seems like it’s those nights when I have an extra big meeting the next day, or a project that has to be completed that my kiddos decide they need some extra snuggles that night or I’m exclusively invited to their 2 am party in their room. The story of our lives, right? And although we all hear it all the time and we know sleep is the best way to reset our bodies and feel energized…

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Feeling stressed? Try these self-care tips

Gone are the days when self-care was thought about as a luxury, or “getting pampered”. Today, more and more health institutions are putting a greater emphasis on the importance of a regular self-care routine when it comes to your health, especially for parents and other caregivers. Why? Self-care is a key strategy in managing stress, in which long-term, or chronic stress can lead to much larger health concerns including anxiety, depression, heart disease, digestive problems, sleep problems, weight gain, and even memory issues. For this reason, self-care is a topic being discussed with patients and healthcare professionals every day because of its overall…

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How To Set Your Goals & Stay Committed To Them

If you’re on social media and have semi-regular conversations with other moms, chances are good that you’ve heard of Rachel Hollis. She’s kind of a big deal right now. Her latest best selling book is about removing the stories we tell ourselves so that we can live a better life. Have you read her latest book?  As you can probably guess, I’m digging her style. And although I wouldn’t say I’m mom-crushing on her or drinking the Hollis-kool aid, I think so much of what she says is relatable to other moms. And, in the midst of her book-hype, she has…

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Client Love

just a few notes

"I felt that Jen was my true partner in devising a plan that works for me. I was able to talk through my status, what's worked for me in the past, and my ideas about my future wellness. It was time well spent."
"She was amazing! I loved my session. It helped me so much. It was worth it for sure. I was really able to talk through everything and left feeling determined and refreshed."
"Jen is a great listener. She will let you come up with your own strategy and truly own it. Highly recommend!"

Take the first step to living well.