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About Me

I’m a Certified Mayo Clinic Wellness Coach, Nationally Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC), and Certified Cycle Instructor living in Southwest Minneapolis, MN. I believe you shouldn’t have to suffer just so everyone else around you can thrive.

I’ve helped hundreds of others create healthier, happier and more fulfilled lives through my caring and strengths-driven approach to coaching.


Learn more about my story below. 


My story

I know how easy it can be to put yourself as a last priority in your life. As a mom of two little kids, I can relate! But, when your own health & wellness takes a back seat, it affects so many other people and things in your life as a result. 

When you make the decision that your health and wellness is most important in life, then everything else has a chance to succeed as well. 

I have battled the idea in my own life that setting my own needs aside and being tired, run-down, and overworked must mean that I’m doing a good job as a mom and succeeding in life. As I overcame the health challenges associated with this false understanding, I began to see how many other people out there were doing the exact same thing. Whether they were prioritizing their kids & family, their work, or their business first, their personal wellness was suffering, and so was everything else surrounding them. 


You shouldn’t have to suffer just so everyone and everything around you can thrive. 

I have worked with hundreds of others in helping them achieve their own health, wellness & success goals and provide the process, accountability, education, and support needed to not only successfully achieve their goals, but gain the skills to be able to enjoy the benefits of maintaining lasting changes in their lifestyle and wellness to achieve long-term results. 

I work with all my clients to set specific and measurable goals, create a plan that excites them, and work together to take small action steps toward achieving their goals each week. 

I’m passionate about helping others break through the overwhelming feeling of being stuck not feeling like their best self. I can help you discover the sense of relief and excitement that comes with believing and seeing that success is possible!

If you’re ready to cut out that overwhelming feeling in your life and commit to making changes designed with your ideal life in mind, then I’m here to help you start feeling like your best self again! 



Have a question but not ready to schedule a session yet? Submit your question below and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours. 

Client Love

I had an initial strategy session with Jen. Our conversation refreshing and enlightening. We agreed on a plan to get me started on an exercise program, and I’m happy to say (weeks later) that it’s been sticking! Thank you Jen!
Jennifer Wilson
Jen is a great listener, she hears your struggles and helps you gain clarity and forward motion. From the first second she's friendly, welcoming and makes you feel comfortable to share in order to grow. I fully recommend online sessions with Jen!
Alison D.