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An online group wellness coaching program for busy moms who want to cut out overwhelm, have more energy, & LOVE their life again! 

Ready to REIGNITE your life in 2019?

STarts Monday, February 18th

Click the link below to answer a few questions & schedule a
30-minute call to see if the program is right for you. 


Feeling your best and having more energy for yourself and the people you love most. You feel alive and refreshed every morning with the excitement of knowing you are your best self TODAY and every day.

If you are ready to make this your reality and surround yourself with mamas who understand what it’s like to feel like you’re always putting your needs aside to help everyone else around them and are ready to prioritize themselves again, then you’re in the right place.  This year is the year for you to REIGNITE it all!

Wouldn’t it Be Amazing if…

  • You woke up in the morning feeling refreshed and excited for the day. You have a daily routine and structure that sets you up for success without feeling like anyone is being left behind.
  • You feel happy and healthy in your own skin. You know exactly what your body needs to feel it’s best and you no longer spend wasted time researching the latest trends and diets, because you know what works for YOU.
  • Instead of feeling that mom-guilt, you felt peaceful about taking much needed time to re-energize yourself.
  • You busted through the “winter blahs” this year and never felt like you were losing traction on your goals for 2019!
  • Instead of having a million things on your mind, you were able to break free and have dedicated time to be fully present with your kids, partner, or friends.
  • You are SO in love with the way you feel and your mama-life that you almost want to pinch yourself and make sure you’re not dreaming!

Core Program Focuses


What are the things you can do everyday to re-energize yourself from the inside out? 

During the program, you’ll be making yourself a priority to re-energize and remove stress so you can feel your best.

By the end of the program, you’ll have: 

  • A go to self-care plan to re-energize and stay energized.
  • A daily routine that sets you up for success to feel your best mentally and emotionally. 
  •  Solid stress management techniques for those moments when you need it most. 
  • A strengths and values framework that will build confidence in achieving your goals. 


Being healthy doesn’t have to mean working out at the gym everyday and eating kale salads. During the program, you’ll have a  plan for what works best for you when it comes to moving your body and eating nourishing foods without feeling restricted to a diet. 

By the end of the program, you’ll have: 

  • Easy options for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner that work for you and your family. 
  • Snack ideas that boost energy.
  • A framework for  healthy eating on your terms, so you can stick to it for the long term. 
  • A daily activity routine that you love and works for your lifestyle.  
  •  A daily checklist to stay on track with your healthy habits. 

Although this isn’t a weight loss plan, when you take the right actions and steps to creating healthy habits, it can result in losing weight along the way! When you make healthy habits enjoyable, you might be surprised to see how your body responds! 


You have dreams and goals for your life that go beyond being called “mom”. 

Taking time to enjoy activities and hobbies outside of #momlife is a huge part of feeling your best! 


By the end of the program, you’ll have: 

  • A solid vision for your goals this year, and for years to come. 
  • A clear understanding of the hobbies, passions, and activities that light you up now and forever. 
  • A weekly, monthly, and yearly plan for bringing your hobbies and passions into your life. 

Why Is REIGNITE Different?

REIGNITE is so much more than just another group program. You’ll experience a complete immersion into creating the healthier, happier and more fulfilled life you want today and for the future.

REIGNITE is different because:

  • You’ll create your ideal wellness plan for your entire lifestyle, not just eating healthier, or working out more. It’s about creating a lifestyle that you love so you can feel your best - Mind, Body & Purpose.
  • You’ll have your own unique goals and plan in this group. No one-size-fits-all boot camps or formulas here. We’re creating the perfect plan for you, because you’re unique and you deserve a plan that works for YOU.
  • You’ll be connecting with women that are going after similar goals, so you can connect together and build lifelong friendships over the common bond that you can it together!
  • It’s so much more than just another group program - when you join REIGNITE, you’ll also get 2 60-minute private coaching sessions with me to really dig into your goals and get super clear on what you need to do during the program.

In 9-weeks, you’ll feel like a whole new mama with the energy you’ve been dreaming of having again & the excitement and confidence that comes with having a healthy daily, weekly, and monthly routine that is customized just for YOU!

Program Begins February 18th

Click the link below to answer a few questions & schedule a  30-minute call to see if the program is right for you. 

You Are Exactly Where You Need to Be
Right in This Moment

the year of you

You are driven, ambitious, and have big goals and dreams for your life… or maybe you used to be that way until a sweet little babe or 2 (or 5) came into your life and turned your world upside down. Now,  you have one of the most important jobs in the world as “mom”, but you want to get back to being YOU again, too! You remember what it felt like to be on top of your game and feeling your best self, and you’re ready to get back to who that person used to be!

The thing is, it’s so much more than just eating more veggies and avoiding some cookies. You’re ready to get back to feeling your best, feeling confident and energized in your own skin, and feeling aligned with your passions and purpose that goes beyond being a mom.

It’s about Reigniting Your Mind, Body & Purpose!

“I’ve been working with Jen and it has been absolutely life changing. … She has played a huge role in achieving clarity and functions as an amazing support system, helping me set boundaries and manage expectations. I just love her!”

– Brandy S.

And You’ve Tried ALL THE THINGS before, But Nothing Has Worked… Yet.

  • You don’t want to be confined by a “diet” or “workout plan” that tells you exactly what to do & when to do it, because that’s not how your life works.
  • You’re tired of putting all your focus into one goal and everything else falls apart in the meantime.
  • You’re overwhelmed because you don’t ever just have one goal, you have MANY. You have health goals, and relationship goals, and career/business goals, and life goals, and sometimes it’s hard to keep focus and know what to do when.
  • You’re so frustrated with the “start and stop” feeling that comes with putting all your energy into your goals and getting burnt out.

About The Program

REIGNITE is the perfect program for you if you are a high-achieving mama (or want to be!) who is ready to break free from the survival mode of mom-life and ready to find the balance that will allow you to feel your very best,  prioritize yourself, your health & well-being, your goals, and your dreams, all while being the best mom, partner, friend, you know you can be. 

In REIGNITE, you’ll get crystal clear on your ideal wellness vision and create the plan that’s perfect and unique for you, all while connecting with a community of women who will lift you up along the way.

When you join REIGNITE, you are joining a transformational journey for yourself where you’ll gain clarity for who you are as your best self, balance for living your life as YOU and as a mom, and connections with lifelong friends that you won’t know how you lived without before. 

All led by Jen Wright, Nationally Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach.

Hear what others have to say about
working with Jen...

“I’m super excited and feel like I already have a realistic wellness action plan so I can make some changes that I’ve been trying  (and felt like I was failing at) to make.”

– Kasey K.

“I have never been so excited to work on my well being and health– I actually feel like that I have a goal that I can reach rather than just a dream!”

– Alexandra E.

What's Included

Reignite is so much more than a group coaching program. It includes everything you need to create the mama life you love!

Private Coaching Sessions

Two 60-minute 1:1 Sessions with Jen, Nationally Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach. We’ll schedule your first session as soon as you join so you know your personal focuses going into the group coaching calls. 

Group Coaching

9 Weekly 60-minute Group Coaching Sessions Via Zoom. This will be your favorite time of the week! We’ll hop on a video call together and talk about your wins, what you learned from the prior week, and set new goals for the week to keep you moving towards your  ideal wellness vision. 

Guest Experts

4 Live Guest Expert Trainings (will be recorded in case of time conflicts), to dig into specific evidence-based topics around women’s health, nutrition, physical activity, and mindset. 

You’ll feel so empowered with your new knowledge and know that you can trust this information to help you achieve your goals. 

Private Online Community

Access to a private Facebook group only for group coaching members. 

We’ll have daily engagement topics to keep you completely immersed in our group coaching so it stays “top of mind” so you stay consistent with your goals even in between our coaching sessions. 

Private Messaging, Journaling, & Goal Tracking

Access to Healthie, the wellness management portal for unlimited messaging with me in between sessions as well as food journaling, goal tracking, and scheduling additional sessions. 

Daily Workbook

Your very own copy of The REIGNITE Your Mama Life Journal & Workbook. 

You’ll be able to track your progress, keep notes together, and write about your success so you can go back even after the program is complete and refresh yourself on the experience anytime you need it! 

Program Begins February 18th

Click the link below to answer a few questions & schedule a  30-minute call to see if the program is right for you. 

“I had never had any prior experience working with a Wellness Coach, so I was unsure how working with Jen could help me. However, those sessions with her were the highlight of my week. I took that time to really analyze my schedule with her and brainstorm solutions to fit in consistent exercise, healthy eating and self-care that made huge differences in my day-to-day life. Her direction and perspective was unbelievably helpful. Jen has a knack and skill for helping clients see how small tweaks could lead to big change.”

– Sondra O.

“Jen was GREAT and I left feeling so enlightened and excited about the future steps I was ready to take towards health, balance, and mindfulness. I valued our time together a lot and appreciated all her guidance and insight. Thanks, Jen!”

– Zoe W.

What Does The REIGNITE Group Coaching Journey Look Like?

So you’re reading this page and thinking “this sounds amazing, but what does it look like and what do I do next?” 

Well, here you go!

  • Start by scheduling a 30-minute call with me so I can learn more about you and your goals and determine if this program is right for you.
  • If the program is everything you need, I’ll send you a link to register for the program and schedule your initial 60-minute 1:1 session with me.
  • Once you’re all signed up, you’ll be welcomed into our private Facebook group with the amazing group of women, given access to our Wellness Management Portal, and I’ll send you a fun little welcome packet with your REIGNITE Workbook and Journal!
  • We’ll complete our first 1:1 session together to create clarity and vision.
  • You’ll join the weekly group coaching sessions.
  • You’ll join the Guest Expert Sessions (and will be recorded in case you can't make the time) to learn about specific topics like women's health, nutrition, physical activity, and mindset.
  • You’ll see your goals and vision come to life as you continue to track your progress in the Wellness Management Portal, Healthie.
  • At the end of the program, we’ll celebrate together in a BIG way! (I can’t spoil all the surprises!)

Next Steps -
Apply & Schedule Your 30-minute call today

In order to nurture close relationships and make sure you get the best support throughout the program, spots are very limited!

The 30-minute breakthrough call is a safe place where you can share your goals and your challenges so that we can figure out the one thing you need to do now to start feeling like the person and the mom you know you were made to be! 

Program Begins February 18th