When many people think of a coach, they often think of someone who cheered (or yelled) on the sidelines during their high school sports game. This person might have been more directive in their approach and you expected to be told what to do at each practice.

Coaching in the wellness sense is much different.

As your coach, I allow you to be the expert of your life. We’ll work together to create a path for what works best for you when it comes to your health and wellness so you can not only achieve your goals, but create lasting habits along the way to keep those goals.

What Wellness Coaching is: 

  • Working together to find the vision you want for your health and wellness.
  • Someone that sees the strengths that you might not see in yourself to help you achieve your goals. 
  • An accountability partner to keep you on track. 
  • Letting you to decide the action you want to take for your health.

What Wellness Coaching is not: 

  • A meal planning program
  • Feeling pressured to make changes that don’t fit your personality
  • A lecture on your health, or being reprimanded. 
  • Prescribed nutrition instruction
  • a “one size fits all” program 

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"I have been connected with Jen for over a year and a half in my nutritional journey. Right from the beginning, Jen took the time to help me understand the whole nutrition program she recommended to me (how to use them, what would be best for my specific goals, and what to get within my budget). Because of her no pressure, always available for questions approach, I have been able to baby step into this program in a way that will be successful for me long term. I have made significant progress in other ways. First, I have been able to build the energy needed to sustain an active lifestyle. I now workout almost every day! Second, I feel good about me. I take the me time to better myself in order to be a better mom, wife, and coworker. And finally, because of the small achievements and continued encouragement Jen and her online community provides, I feel more positive every day. Optimism is a daily habit."
Allison Wruck | Jen Wright Testimonial
Allison W.
"I had the pleasure of working with Jen for a few months, and during that short time, I experienced more support and opportunity than I thought possible. Jen truly listened to me, keyed in on my strengths, and advocated for me. Jen is a wonderful coach – inspiring, caring, perceptive, and focused!"
Carrie B.